Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mac 130 Dual Fibre Brush VS Real Technique Stippling Brush.

Mac 130 dual fibre brush is also a stippling brush that is short, round and flat -topped. The dupe for this brush is THE REAL TECHINQUE STIPPLING BRUSH which is also a dual fibre short round flat -topped brush. I went to mac to get the 130 brush as i wanted to pay i remembered that i saw something that looks like that when i went to boot pharamacy some weeks ago i had to go back to boot and when i got there it was the last one on the shelf i immediately picked it up and i went back to my mac counter to cross-check very well if its the same thing, it is the same. The mac 130 dual fibre is 38 euros while the real technique stippling brush i got it for 15 euros . As you can see from the pictures above i applied my foundation with the real technique brush OMG it works like magic and applied foundation, cream, emulsion and powder flawlessly this brush is a blend of natural bristles and synthetic fibre just like the mac 130.
I have washed this brush more than three times no shielding not one bristle came out, i highly recommend this brush for all and am going back to get more brushes from REAL TECHNIQUE. I love  this brush so much because it very easy to work with , gets under the eyes and the sides of the nose effortlessly where the other large foundation brushes can not reach.

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  1. Omg I love these brushes!!, I got my 16 yr old daughter (Aspiring Makeup artist) some basic brushes and she wants to get a professional set of brushes and I couldn't afford Im trying to get a stippling brush that is affordable, what do you recommend?